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Madluvv About Us - Maddie Thompson


I wasn’t always a makeup artist…my college degree is in business! However I’ve always been passionate about beauty - more than just passionate…obsessed! 

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First, is that there’s no particular standard to follow when it comes to beauty. Everyone has his or her own belief of what beautiful looks like and represents. 

Second, anyone can be beautiful! And one way to achieve this is to feel confident in one’s skin. 


Madluvv About Us


I also came to understand that despite beauty being an entire concept of the mind, there are a few things which women in particular could do to appear more stunningly beautiful to the human eye in seconds.

With that mission, we innovated and created cutting-edge cosmetics and professional products that will revolutionize the way you do your makeup. Quickly expanding across the globe, our goal is to be a household name and a part of the world’s beauty routine.


Madluvv About Us


We are limit pushers, creators, excellence seekers, and we put a lot of effort into the great care of our customers.

We live in a cutting edge, fast-paced world and we believe we need beauty products that follow suit. We have designed and carefully crafted a brow-forward cosmetics line and products that will revolutionize your entire makeup routine.


Madluvv About Us


When you try our line you’ll immediately see the difference of how having a perfect brow can help you build confidence to take on whatever the world throws at you.


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